Infant Room

1. Our goal is to have happy babies that are independent and love to explore each new day.
2. Infant teacher is to be on the floor, talk and interact with each baby and have close connection with each child.
3. Changing: Babies need to be changed every two hours.
4. Daily Infant Development:
               a. Read books to babies (daily reading one on one with each child) 15minutes to each baby.
               b. Tummy time
               c. Movement and dance 30minutes
               d. Block play, Legos and building this should be on going most of the day, with teacher present.
5. Babies should be fed on demand 12 months and under.
               a. Feeding- babies only in high chairs when teacher is present
               b. Bottle Feeding- Babies should be held in care givers arms.
               c. Spoon Feeding- with care giver talking, engaging and giving eye contact with each child.
               d. Wash children's hands with soap and water before and after each feeding. (Also for children sitting in high chairs) - All children also need to be in beds
6. Each child needs to have a "baby log" filled out every day!