This is Kayla, My preschool teacher. She is 24 years old and from Montana. Kayla has a son that is 6 years old who is also in care with us named Deondre. They both enjoy sports and outdoor activities such as basketball and volleyball.

Kayla has also been attending Mt. Hood Community College on a part time basis working towards her associates degree.  She also volunteers 20 hours of community training a year. She is also working on a Step 5.

This is Summer, Our infant Teacher. Summer is 23 years old. She also has daughter who is in our care as well named Nova. When Nova and Summer are not at daycare they are enjoying things like; Swimming, hiking, camping, and going to the zoo.

Summer has been working at All About Kids Daycare for almost a year now with 60+ hours of training with 30+ hours of infant/toddler training. Summer really enjoys working with the babies because it's fun to teach them new things and watch them explore. Summer is a very calm and nurturing person which in return benefits both the babies and herself.