The staff at all about kids day care is a mix of fun loving, caring, supportive, educated care givers that are devoted to meeting the needs of every individual child. Their purpose is to love on, encourage, build up, and invest in each child's learning and growth!

Meet LUISA! She has been working for Shari for three years! She is one of the baby teachers. She is a go getter and extremely hard worker. She loves kids and has two children of her own. In her spare time she enjoys doing zumba and working out!

Meet TANIA! Tania has been working for Shari for 3 months and is the newest member of our excellent daycare team! She is most often working with the babies. She has two wonderful kids of her own (a daughter and a son). In her free time she enjoys working out!

Meet ANNA! She is one of Shari's kids and has been working at all about kids for the last five years! She works with the preschoolers. She is always coming up with great ideas, themes, and crafts for the kids to do. When she's not working, she enjoys going on walks, and catching up on all her favorite Netflix shows!

Meet MEGAN! She has been working for Shari for 7 months! She is one of the baby teachers. She is a licensed Oregon teacher and has worked with kids in many different settings. In her free time you can catch her dreaming about her next travel adventure!

Meet LUCY! Lucy has worked for Shari for one year and is a dedicated staff member at All About Kids! She is one of our preschool teachers, and on top of daycare she is a student at Portland Community College. She hopes to get her degree in Business Management one day and in her spare time she enjoys taking advantage of every minute of life, and living it to the fullest!